Discover the benefits of mobile drug testing services...

Who Else is Ready to Stop Wasting Tons of Man-Hours Sending Employees To Slow, Jam-Packed Medical Clinics?

With Lobdock's mobile drug testing, you get the benefits of...

  • No more worrying about getting post-accident emergency testing completed... we'll go to your employee no matter where he/she may be.
  • Get 24/7/365 nationwide collections (One call, no hassles, anytime, anywhere)
  • No more scrambling around at 3:00 am to find a collection site.
  • Male and female collection agents available
  • You'll never have to worry about getting the test done within the DOT specified time.
  • PLUS, you have the option of all common testing methodologies (including DOT urine drug test, Non DOT urine, drug test, breath alcohol tests, instant urine drug tests, lab-based oral fluid drug testing, hair drug testing, and more…) which gives you the flexibility to test the best possible way for each individual circumstance.
  • Only SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) certified laboratories are allowed to handle our samples ensuring proper chain of custody and testing so you get the most accurate results possible. (We primarily use Quest and ALERE Toxicology, but other labs are available upon request)
  • Gain peace of mind with a full time, full service Medical Review Officer (the prestigious Dr. David Nahin) so you get your test results returned quickly, efficiently, and accurately.
  • Member of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and the Substance Abuse Administrators Association (SAPAA)

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