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Oil and Gas Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance

I’m wrapping up a long week of working with a client to get their NCMS (National Compliance Management Service) in order.  All this drug and alcohol testing compliance has gotten me craving a stiff drink!  If you don’t know what NCMS is…you’re both fortunate…and you’re missing out.

NCMS is one of the many software systems used by large operators (like Exxon, Citgo, Conoco, Devon, and several more).  In order to play ball or do work with some of these operators, you are required to report all of your drug and alcohol compliance to NCMS through their software system.

I’ve completed this process for several of my clients.  This system basically makes sure you’re doing the required drug and alcohol testing that either your client requires and/or that the Department of Transportation requires.  You have to upload every part of your program and will spot check some of your results to make sure you’re doing what they need you to do with your drug and alcohol testing program.

If you are familiar with this system, congratulations…that means you’ve got some big clients and you’re playing ball in the oil and gas industry.  You also know the HUGE administrative burden this can be.  I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve had operators in the oil business come to me with just a handful of employees and they are tasked with completing the NCMS process.

Let’s just say this isn’t a simple process.  The first 3-4 times I’ve done this for clients, it’s taken me close to a week to complete.  Now, I consider myself fluent in NCMS, but it’s still a rather big process to get through.  Most of the contractors I work with are small business guys.  They have a crew of 25 people or less and they don’t have someone in their company that can dedicate themselves to spending a solid week on figuring this stuff out.

Not to mention that when you start to diversify your customers and you add some different operators as customers, they may have completely different requirements and they may use a completely different software like TEAM or DISA.  It’s awesome that you have more clients, but now managing each of their different requirements can quickly rob you of your time and freedom (which is why we become business owners in the first place).

From the operators perspective, I see where they are coming from.  Drugs and alcohol are a serious risk in the oil and gas industry.  For whatever reason, the percentage of positives we see in the field is higher than other industries and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better.

The stakes are high (pun intended)…for every oily we have that’s in the field and impaired, we are risking fatal injuries to both the impaired employee and those around him and uh…her.  (I’m inclined to stay gender neutral, but let’s face it, not many ladies out there roughnecking).

What are we going to do to keep the playing field level AND allow our small contractors the ability to do work with the big guys?  I do know of a world-wide committee that is planning on trying to make a global drug and alcohol policy that everyone adapts in the O&G industry.  Once we do that, this stuff can get to be somewhat easier.

BUT…what I just said…”make a global drug and alcohol policy that everyone adopts”…is sooooooooo freaking complicated, I think it’d be easier to convince the majority of people in the great state of Oklahoma that Obamacare is the best answer for healthcare.

I’m not saying it can’t be done (cause anything is possible), I’m just saying that even though this would make contracting in O&G much simpler, we have to get several corporations in foreign countries to agree with us on something.  Haha!

I do have a proposed solution though…one that could be very valuable to your business and mine.  Best part…it’s free, except for an hour of your time.  In order for me to be able to better put the pieces of these puzzles together AND to help you be able to do more business in a more seamless manner with different operators, I am offering up one hour of my time to 3 companies per week free of charge for the month of May . 

Call 855-753-7843 To Schedule Your Call

During this hour, I want to hear about all of your administrative burdens when it comes to complying with drug and alcohol policies.  I want to know what makes sense to you and what doesn’t.  During that hour, I can get to the bottom of your frustrations and help you streamline your reporting (and perhaps do some of it for you during our meeting).

If you’re in greater Oklahoma City, I’m willing to come to you.  If you are outside of OKC, we can do a skype meeting or similar.  My goal is to give you a better and more clear cut solution on how to set up your testing programs to make reporting as seamless as possible.

What I ask for you is that you just keep our meeting at an hour.  Other than that, no strings attached.  This is completely free.  If in return, you decide that using our services works for you, we’d be flattered, but this is not required.

Contact me ASAP at 1-855-753-7843 to get this set up so we can get you headed in the right direction with your compliance.  Once we set up the meeting, I will send you a list of preferred references to have handy for our meeting (nothing complicated and if you don’t have it or know what I’m asking for, no biggie).

Operators are standing by…let’s use this *gas price downturn* as an opportunity to make the little guys stronger and ready for the upturn that’s headed our way (soon we hope).

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About the Author Susan Lobsinger

Susan is founder and President of Lobdock Impairment Detection, a full-service, mobile drug testing and contractor compliance management provider. Lobdock provides safety managers with the objective data they need to make safety decisions that make a difference in the lives, safety, and health of their employees who work in safety sensitive positions.

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