How to Save Big Money When Drug Testing

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We are all looking for ways to wisely reduce our operating expenses. If drug testing is a necessity in your business, here are a few ways you can cut costs in your drug testing program while keeping it effective.

(Please note: My suggestions are legal in Oklahoma and Texas, but may not be in other states. Please check state laws before implementing any of these suggestions…or call our office so we can check for you. These do not apply to DOT-mandated drug testing programs.)

  1. For pre-employment, pre-entrant, and post-accident testing, consider using an instant urine cup for quicker (and cheaper) results. If you are using the testing devices yourself, a confirmation test (meaning a lab test) is not required, but it IS a great idea.  Instant tests in our clinic only cost half the price of a lab test (and we throw in confirmation testing for free if needed).  We recommend only using urine for instant testing and only for the testing reasons listed above.  We do NOT recommend instant testing for random, reasonable suspicion, periodic, return to duty, or follow up testing.  (Click here for a full discussion of why we do not recommend instant testing for those reasons.)
  2. Use oral fluid testing and train your safety team to conduct the tests themselves. This strategy will eliminate costs associated with sending your people to a clinic.  Not only will you save the money the clinic would charge you to conduct the test, you’ll also spend significantly less time sitting idle in a waiting room.  Lobdock can train your team to conduct oral fluid testing… give us a call at 1-855-753-7843 for more information.
  3. Consider changing your random program to test randomly by location or personnel group rather than an overall random. This will eliminate your need to track down employees that work different shifts and different locations.  Instead, test a whole crew at a time to consolidate into one event each month or quarter.  This is legal to do in Oklahoma and Texas, but may not be legal in other states.  Check with Lobdock if you are operating in a different state to see if this is a viable option for you.
  4. Use a clinic that does not offer medical services if you just need to get a drug or alcohol test. There are many clinics, similar to our clinic at Lobdock, that are not connected with a large group or hospital.  You can generally walk into these clinics and have your testing conducted and completed in a matter of minutes.  We actually have numerous clients who will drive into Oklahoma City from Edmond, Union City, Yukon, Norman, Midwest City, etc…. And knowingly pass several of the big well-known testing clinics because they know they can get in and out quickly at our clinic.  This may be a very helpful option for your company too.  If you are outside the Oklahoma City area, and can’t get to our top-notch clinic, we can help you find a clinic that can do your testing quickly (regardless of the lab or MRO that you use).

These suggestions are just a few of the ways Lobdock can help you turn your drug testing program from a money-sucking, inefficient, headache into an efficient program that helps you protect your employee’s safety, dignity, and morale.

Call me at 855-753-7843 or Click here to see how Lobdock can help you create a culture of safety with proper implementation of drug testing policies that are smart, efficient, and effective.

About the Author Susan Lobsinger

Susan is founder and President of Lobdock Impairment Detection, a full-service, mobile drug testing and contractor compliance management provider. Lobdock provides safety managers with the objective data they need to make safety decisions that make a difference in the lives, safety, and health of their employees who work in safety sensitive positions.

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